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A variety of jewels with beautiful presence and unique design.

Made in Spain.


Discover a variety of styles.

With more than 30 styles, the bracelet has become one of the key pieces in our jewellery collection.

Choose your favorite ones!

Hoops, dangles or studs.

Collection of earrings in different styles in a variety of prints. Earrings has become one of the best-selling pieces in fashion jewellery. 

You can also create a pendant and earrings ensemble


Various, adjustable sizes.

A perfect accessory which can be mixed and matched in different styles and designs.


A variety of sizes and prints

Discover a selection of shapes, lengths and prints in one of the most attractive styles with damascene  embellishment. 

You can also create a set of earrings and pendants to offer your client a special ensemble

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Lifestyle timepieces.

Check out the most stylish and unique watches for her and for him. Multiple designs and formats available.

Beauty in  small details

Selection of trendy women's accessories which includes pocket mirrors,  bag hangers and bookmarks.


Accessories to style his look.

Selection of fashionable men's accessories which includes cufflinks, tie pins, pen and cufflink set.



Let us know the product category you are interested in knowing more about.

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